The Scars That Tell Our Stories

I’ve always had ugly hands. When I was little — maybe five or six — I admired my big brother’s hamster and begged to hold her, but he wouldn’t let me. So I crept into his bedroom one day and took his hamster out of her cage. I sat on the floor to pet her,...

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6 Stories Every Mom Should Tell

Last week I went with my daughter to “Grad Fest” at her college campus. It’s basically a one-stop shop where you can order your cap and gown, create your graduation announcements, and take your grad photos. My girl is graduating from college this May, and...

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3 Bible Reading Plans to Choose From

The start of a new year usually means the start of some new plans. Those plans may involve some health and fitness goals — I know I have a few! — and maybe a few plans for travel — there are definitely some places I want to see! — and perhaps some goals...

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A New Morning

I have a gift for throwing parties. It’s sort of a thing I do. Birthday parties, baby showers, you name it. I love to plan the food, the music, the decorations, the activities, the invitations — all of it. My husband learned this about me just weeks after...

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10 Tips for Having Quiet Time with God

Water is the most basic physical need we have, so it’s no wonder God says His Word is like water (Isaiah 55:10). Just as water sustains physical life, God’s Word sustains spiritual life. For health and vitality, both are needed daily. God made it that way....

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A Week to Remember

I have some great memories of summer camp, so I couldn’t wait to give my own kids the same kind of camp experience. My oldest daughter, Simone, is super outgoing, so I never worried about her having a good time at camp. But my second daughter, Brynn, is a bit more...

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