The Writer’s Library

The Writer’s Library

“Which books on the craft of writing do you recommend?” I’m asked this question a lot. Given the number of books available, it’s a fair question....

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What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect…

I publish new articles approximately 2-3 times a week according to the following schedule:

#MentorsOnMonday — I read a lot. In many ways, the authors I read are like mentors to me, so on Mondays I’ll share insights from the “mentors” who have spoken into my life. And sometimes I’ll write book reviews because I love to share good books with my friends!

#InterviewsOnTuesday — I never want my website to be all about me. I want to use this space to share the incredible work some amazing people are doing. Through a Q and A format, you’ll hear from some of your favorite authors as they give a more behind-the-scenes glimpse into their writing.


#WritingOnWednesday — One of my favorite things to do is teach the craft of writing in university classrooms and at conferences, so I’m devoting Wednesdays to all things writing. Sometimes the articles will contain practical how-to advice, and other times they’ll delve more into the life of a writer.


#ThreeOnThursday — As part of my aim to lift up the voices of others, I share three articles every Thursday that have spoken to me in some way. Sometimes the three links will have a consistent theme, and other times they may be links to inspiring songs or other kinds of posts. I like to get creative here.

#FindingHopeOnFriday — We live in a world in desperate need of hope and light, beauty and truth. On Fridays, I’ll speak to a current topic that’s being discussed either in the news or other social spheres, with the sole purpose of bringing hope to what may feel hopeless.




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