Finding Sanctuary {Plus a Free Chapter TOO!}

Do you ever feel worn out, and you can’t quite pinpoint the source of your exhaustion?
Do you sense that something is missing in all the online scrolling?
Are you looking for something deeper than digital connection?
Do you sometimes think about logging off forever?

A few years ago, I would have said, “Yes, to all of the above!”

Like so many of the women I talked to, I wanted something more than Facebook likes or Instagram hearts. I was ready for something deeper than an online high-five or another blue thumbs-up.

It was clear that the digital noise and frenetic pace of modern-day living was taking a toll on my soul, and I knew I wasn’t alone.

In so many ways, noise is everywhere — in online spaces as well as real life places.

The too-loud music in stores.
The turned-up television in doctors’ offices.
And the talk-to-you pumps as we fill our cars with fuel.

That’s to say nothing of the perpetual pinging on our phones.

Even when we press the mute button, the visual noise is still everywhere, demanding our attention.

When we’re surrounded by noise, it’s as if our souls have a slow leak and we can feel our energy ebbing away.

Thankfully, there’s a better path.

In the midst of all the craziness, it’s possible to live in a digitally-driven world without it driving us crazy. It’s possible to live with a quiet heart amidst a loud and restless world.

It’s possible to find sanctuary.

That why I wrote Sanctuary. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to give “the quiet life” a try. To the contrary, my journey toward cultivating a different way to live was birthed in a season that was anything but quiet.

Sanctuary by Denise Hughes

To break the cultural conformity that had seeped into both my professional and personal life, I started making changes — forming new habits of grace. And with God’s grace, these practices culminated in a counter-cultural way to move through each day.

I am not the same. My heart has found respite.

Through this 31-day journey, you too can discover what it means — and what it looks like in very practical ways — to cultivate a quiet heart in a world that continues to grow louder every day.

Because a quiet life doesn’t mean escaping from the world around us, but rather, centering our hearts on Christ, so we can live with a clear focus, a quiet confidence, and a steady peace.

And it’s your turn…to find sanctuary…for your own heart, too.

Here’s what a few early readers have said about Sanctuary

“In our current culture of divisiveness and loud opinions, we long for a place to hear the Voice of God. In Sanctuary, Denise guides us to still waters, to our Good Shepherd.”

Mei Au — Bible Teacher and Writer for First 5 by Proverbs 31 Ministries


“Experiencing sanctuary is not only possible, it’s portable, as you pass the peace you’ve encountered there to noise-weary women who need the Prince of Peace. This book is a treasure. I highly recommend it.”

Lynn D. Morrissey — Author of Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer


“If your heart longs for sanctuary, this encouraging and practical devotional will show you how and where to find it.”

Lois Flowers — wife, mom, and blogger



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Denise J. Hughes

Denise J. Hughes

Denise writes about “the quiet life.” It’s a vision for living counter-culturally in a loud and restless world. Denise lives in North Carolina with her husband and three kids.