Welcome! What you’ll find below is a sample book marketing plan for nonfiction trade books. Obviously, marketing ideas are dynamic, which means the book-making industry is constantly growing and stretching and trying new things. So, this book marketing plan isn’t meant to be etched in stone. It should be honed to reflect your specific strengths as a writer, but it will give you a good place to start as you flesh out the marketing section of your book proposal. Enjoy!


  • Prior to publication, [Your Name] will launch a brand-new weekly podcast called “The X Podcast.” This new podcast will…



  • Key quotes and sticky statements highlighted throughout the book for easy online sharing.
  • Reflection/discussion questions at the end of each chapter to use as a study guide for small groups and book clubs.
  • Back-of-book resources offering some practical “next steps” in their journey.
  • Awareness of readers’ felt needs derived from reader surveys, blog post responses, social media comments, and emails from readers—using the key words women use to express their feelings and needs.



  • A new website to be created at www.[titleofbook].com. (Domain already purchased.)
  • A 5-day email drip campaign for new subscribers, delivered via MailChimp (or Constant Contact or whatever service you are using), with exclusive content and free downloadable screensavers for smartphones that remind readers of “[Individual Value Statements],” while also growing readers’ interest in the book.
  • A downloadable PDF of a free bonus chapter.
  • All key quotes and sticky statements created as artistic graphics for easy sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Specific calls to action found above the fold on the book’s website.
  • A free downloadable Small Group Discussion Guide with journaling space, along with companion video sessions.
  • Links to the podcast episodes and other resources, such as supplementary articles.



  • Prior to manuscript deadline, [Your Name] will interact with an exclusive book development team of selected, devoted readers to “test drive” all content.
  • [Your Name] will develop a book launch team to build anticipation on multiple social media platforms to promote early reviews and recommendations by readers. This launch team will be treated as a vital ministry in and of itself.
  • [Your Name] will interview key influencers (via articles on her own website) and coordinate efforts on multiple platforms.
  • [Your Name] will be interviewed as a guest on various podcasts and radio stations for further sharing.
  • [Your Name] will write guest blog posts and articles for specific niche markets (e.g. women leaders, Bible study teachers, counselors, bloggers, mothers).



  • [Your Name] will produce a Facebook Live series of interactive video sessions during launch week.
  • [Your Name] will interview key influencers (via video sessions) to be shared on multiple social media channels.
  • The launch team will share their excitement via social media, posting reviews on all major book sites, and offering giveaways on their own blogs.
  • A launch party will include both face-to-face and virtual components to include as many friends and readers as possible in the celebration.
  • A blog tour will be coordinated with prominent bloggers sharing their own stories of…
  • [Your Name] will write guest posts for blogger friends, customizing the message of [Title of Book] to speak directly to each one’s unique audience.
  • The hashtag—#[titleofbook]—will be used strategically by [Your Name] , key influencers, launch team members, and a growing number of readers on multiple social media platforms.
  • A book club for [Title of Book] will be held in a private Facebook group to invite readers into a quiet space where they can interact directly with [Your Name] .



  • A YouTube channel with [Title of Book] videos featuring readers as they tell their own stories of…
  • A series of articles on the website featuring readers as they tell their own stories of…
  • A weekend retreat where core fans of [Title of Book] can come together in real space and time to further connect and grow in an intimate community setting.


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