Sanctuary invites you to step into a quiet space where you can breathe again.


Sanctuary by Denise Hughes

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Sanctuary: Cultivating a Quiet Heart in a Noisy and Demanding World

More than ever, we need sanctuary, not only as a refuge from the noise around us but also as a place where God’s truth can be clearly heard. This 31-day devotional explores what it means, and what it looks like in very practical ways, to lead the “quiet life” that Paul speaks of in 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12, so they can live with a clear focus, a quiet confidence, and a steady peace.

In Sanctuary, readers will…

  • Identify the cultural “noise” that strips away our sense of peace.
  • Cultivate the practices that help us to develop a quiet confidence.
  • Glean the best the Internet has to offer while remaining rooted in real relationships.
  • Write a different script for their future by looking to Christ as their sanctuary.

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More than ever, we need Sanctuary, not only as a refuge from the noise around us, but also as a place where God's truth can be clearly heard.
Cultivating a quiet life isn't a trend or a brand; it's a way of life that emanates from a soul committed to becoming more like Christ.
To cultivate a quiet heart isn't a one-time act or a one-stop journey. It's an ongoing habit of grace.
There's something about stillness and a corresponding quietness of heart that is inviting, especially in a world full of hustle and never-ending noise.
We are changed for the better when we look to Truth more than to YouTube.
I still have moments when I'm not at my best, but when those moments come, I know where I can go to find true rest.
We may not ever know the extent to which the Lord will use our circumstances to point others to him. Our task is to be faithful with what's in front of us.
More Scripture. Less social media. More prayer. Less podcasts. More books. Less blogs. More time with you. Less time with YouTube.
Not all loud sounds are noise! Some are joyous expressions of great love and deep gladness and overwhelming gratitude.

Meet the Author

Denise didn’t wake up one day and decide to give the quiet life a try. This journey toward cultivating a different way to live was birthed in a season that was anything but quiet. To break the cultural conformity that had seeped into both her professional and personal life, she started making changes, and with God’s lavish grace, these changes culminated in a counter-cultural way to move through each day. Now, when she’s not teaching literature and composition to young adults, she’s enjoying quiet evenings with her husband, taking long walks, and standing in awe of sunsets.


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