I enjoy speaking in both small and large group settings about the life of faith, the gift of motherhood, and the craft of writing. I’m also happy to write a new talk specifically for your event.

In addition to speaking at women’s Bible studies and local moms’ groups, I’ve also spoken at these conferences:

The Declare Conference
Raising Generations Today
Winsome Retreat
Deeper Waters Retreat
Lakeside Writers Retreat

Here are some of the topics I enjoy speaking about:

The Life of Faith

Word Writers Workshop

Every season of life presents its own unique challenges. And it’s easy to think we’ll have more time to be in God’s Word when our work schedule slows down or the kids get a little older or life gets just a little less crazy. We’ve all been there! This session is devoted to giving women grace for when our quiet time doesn’t go exactly as planned, and it offers some real-life practical solutions for how to be in the Word—in every stage of life. Because our ultimate goal is to know God and love Him deeply through the study of His Word. The Word Writers Workshop will help you:

  • Overcome the six challenges to reading the Bible.
  • Identify the two lenses that demystify those really difficult passages.
  • Create some simple steps for daily study that’s both doable and enjoyable.

The Gift of Motherhood

How to Raise a Reader in a Digitally Driven World: Equipping Moms and Kids to Embrace Both Electronics and Phonics

Unlike previous generations, moms today face the growing challenge of raising kids in a digitally driven world. And the truth is, the next generation needs to know how to navigate this electronic terrain. But when children are empowered to read and explore the creative capacity of the imagination, they are most prepared for the future. This session equips moms with fun ideas for helping kids embrace the printed word and become a lover of literature.

The Craft of Writing

Essential Writing Strategies for Bloggers: Exploring the Elemental Principles that Experienced Writers Practice

As bloggers, we want to share our lives and encourage others. We want our words to possess truth and beauty and clarity. More than anything, we want our messages to have kingdom impact. Together, we’ll discuss the techniques that help bloggers write eloquent prose with a clear message. This session will help bloggers:

  • Craft opening paragraphs that captivate the reader.
  • Transform dull sentences into vibrant passages.
  • Overcome the most common mistakes bloggers make.
  • Harness the use of form to enhance the reader’s experience.

Take Your Writing to the Next Level: Ten Editing Techniques that Help Writers Improve Their Craft

As all great writers know, “There is no such thing as great writing — only great rewriting.” This session builds upon this fundamental principle and offers ten editing techniques that help every writer improve her craft. These ten straight-forward steps move the writer through the editing process with an aim to fine tune their sentences and wording. This session will help writers:

  • Develop a smoother flow of sentencing patterns.
  • Recognize weaker formations and replace them with stronger choices.
  • Identify potential ambiguity and achieve greater clarity.
  • Create a revision process that enhances the finished work.

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